You're one step closer to no more odors.

Like Pooler, Georgia, you can eliminate wastewater odors for good.

Pooler, Georgia is a beautiful city just west of Savannah. This growing community of more than 21,000 people requires comprehensive municipal works behind-the-scenes to make it run … like wastewater treatment.

As the population has quadrupled over the last 20 years, those hidden processes have become less of a secret.

For 30 years, our wastewater treatment plant was on the outskirts of the city,” says city manager Robert Byrd. “[But] the city has expanded toward the treatment plant [in recent years]. At that point, the odor became very noticeable [to residents].

Generally, the same odors are found at 90% of the municipal wastewater plants in the U.S.,” says Ecosorb’s Brian McLaughlin. “Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans are the two main culprits.

When faced with growing complaints about these odors, the City of Pooler turned to Ecosorb.

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  • Our process for assessing the exact chemical makeup of wastewater facility odors
  • How we identify the ideal formulation of Ecosorb for each site and its unique odors
  • The safe, proven science of Ecosorb’s Odor Absorption TechnologyTM
  • Typical results: no more odors, no more complaints

The Proven Science of Ecosorb Solutions

Most solutions can not measurably demonstrate its effectiveness at removing odors. They rely on the subjective noses of staff members, promises of the solution providers, or the number of complaints they get or don’t get.

Ecosorb takes a different, innovative approach to odor control. Using chemistry perfected over 30 years of lab tests and field trials — we call it Odor Absorption TechnologyTM — Ecosorb formulations have been shown to eliminate nearly 99% of industrial odors while using ingredients that are 100% safe for people.*

Customers Agree: Ecosorb Works

  • “Odors are just gone”
  • “Absolutely no smell”
  • “A product that works 100%”
  • “Previous solutions did not eliminate odors even close”
  • “A real gold standard. As good as it gets.”

Get peace of mind that you have a plan and a solution that your executives, neighbors, and municipalities can get behind.